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If you are wondering about whether hypnotherapy can help you, you've come to the right place!

More About Hypnotherapy                         


I also use several other modalities whenever I determine that they can be healing for you.

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful healing energy that I use for all clients


Want to Learn More About Energy Techniques?

If you wish to learn energy techniques, especially Reiki Training, I welcome curious and serious students. Level I and Level II training is now available. Contact me for questions and information.

Emotional Freedom Technique and the Sedona Method are some of the release techniques I use.

Quiet Voice is intuitive counseling. Your energies can be read easily with intuition; this means that if you know where your current trends are heading, you can take steps to ensure or change the outcome with your free will.

Color, sound, crystal and aromatherapies to fine tune the healing energies in your body.

More About Other Tools

ENERGIZING SOLUTIONS HYPNOTHERAPY explained.  Scientists now know we are created in energy, by energy, and composed of energy, and our thoughts are also energy.  When thoughts are changed, they bring about a change of actions affecting our life experience.  Solutions are often the answer to challenges or questions, forming a bridge to new awareness or options not previously considered.  Hypnosis is a condition of relaxation and guided focus, previously thought to be a type of sleep.  Therapy is a type of assistance allowing someone to move into a state of well being.


Marjorie Keating

Let Me Help You

Allow your natural state of well-being to flourish. Experience unconditional love and acceptance while receiving a healing treatment.

Feel stress melt from your body as your heart opens and your nervous system unwinds. Release unwanted tension and unresolved issues.

Allow good to come to you as you accomplish your goals, enjoy the self healing you were created to do, and manifest your Highest Self.

Empower your absolute best life now.

I am proud to be a member of the following organizations

International Hypnosis Federation
International Hypnosis


Professional Women's Network of the Monterey Peninsula

Professional Women's Network
of the Monterey Peninsula

Spontaneous Transformation Seal

Service Area:

Carmel, Pacific Grove, Seaside,
Del Rey Oaks, Moss Landing,
Salinas, and Carmel Valley




Contact: 831-224-9711. Call now to empower yourself to be your healthy best self!

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